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Better Bidding - The Impact of Design on the Tender Process - 27th June - Leicester

APMP UK is delighted to invite you to our June event in Leicester

Better Bidding - The Impact of Design on the Tender Process

Speakers:  Helen Andrews and John McCay 

Venue kindly provided by Pick Everard

Have you ever wished you could improve your bids and proposals through the use of graphics and design?

Helen Andrews, Account Director and John McCay, Creative Director of RizkMcCay, a strategic marketing and creative design agency will present their lessons learned during 10 successful years of tenders.  Over the course of the last year alone, RizkMcCay has helped clients secure over £2Bn of public and private sector contracts.

Topics covered on the night will include:

  • Their Modus Operandi
  • Finding your experts and unsung heroes
  • Your brand versus their brand?
  • Design and editorial hierarchy

Grammar and Punctuation for Proposal Professionals - 28th June - London

Mind your Ps and Qs...or is it P’s and Q’s?  An evening to discuss common grammar and punctuation errors and how to fix them.

As Bid Managers, we often source content from a variety of Subject Matter Experts—not all of whom love the written word as much as we do.  During the course of the evening, we will discuss the most common grammar, punctuation and usage errors in written language: how to spot these problems and how to rectify them.

We will have a whirlwind tour through grammar, punctuation, composition and rhetoric, and a brief drive-by of psychology and human conceptual understanding.  The aim of the evening is for attendees to learn something new that can be applied practically and directly from day one.

Stimulate Cohesion - Clarity - Conviction - 29th June - Newcastle


Kindly hosted by Godfrey Syrett Ltd

29 June 2017  |   Newcastle

APMP is delighted to invite you to attend our June event in Newcastle

Stimulate Cohesion - Clarity - Conviction How do you get stakeholders to make an effective contribution to bids?

Speaker:  Peter McPartland

Bid teams bring together people with different abilities, intellect and imagination. Effective bid team leadership and emotional intelligence significantly influence success by creating environments which harness collective talents.

The presentation will discuss how solicitors in a top UK law firm have been challenged, energised and inspired to make high impact bids that win business in the professional services sector. Hear approaches and insights to inspire those navigating bid teams to overcome group dynamics that hinder collaboration. These can be applied to any sector.

Techniques discussed go beyond formative stages when win strategies are finessed and include supporting subject matter experts to overcome skill gaps; avoiding demoralising reviews and preparing teams to confidently connect with audiences as a genuinely cohesive unit.

The first UK law firm employee to achieve the APMP Certified Professional qualification, Peter is recognised for expertise in bid leadership and innovation. He is a winner of an APMP UK national award for innovation and has a Masters degree in marketing. Peter is a recognised speaker at APMP conferences and has articles published in various marketing journals on this subject.

Value Map – Articulating your Tangible Business Value during a Bid - 3rd July - London

Kindly hosted by Price Waterhouse Cooper LLP 

3 July 2017  |   London

Value Map – Articulating your Tangible Business Value during a Bid

You undoubtedly have real differentiating business value to offer your clients. But do your sales teams consistently articulate this – and do your proposals really bring this out?  If they don’t, then do deals stall in the pipeline or get lost to lower-cost competitors?This engaging, highly interactive seminar will introduce a proven tool to both revolutionise your sales team's approach to proposals and executive conversations and make a measurable difference to your sales success.

Actions you can take to make our APMP UK events even better

Events nationwide are organised by APMP UK members who volunteer their time to organise our monthly events (while being full time bid professionals and having families).

This includes sourcing and organising speakers, venues, ongoing promotion, administration and catering.

You can now help the events team in any of the following ways:

  • Let us know if you are unable to attend an event for which you have registered. Consistently, about 40% who register are ‘no shows’. This impacts catering costs, creating name badges and importantly prevents people on the waiting list from attending. 

    We are all involved in the bidding and proposals industry and fully understand that our schedules change by the minute. We ask that you do your best to tell us if you can’t attend.
  • Can you, or anyone you know assist in identifying a potential free of charge venue? In the south we accommodate between 50 and 150 people. Elsewhere these numbers are 20 – 50 and with your support, attendance will increase. We need venues in all areas of the country.
  • Could you speak at an event or have you seen a speaker you feel would benefit APMP UK members? If so, please tell us.

If increasing the frequency and coverage nationwide of monthly events is important to you, can you help with organising them?

All aspects of organising events are given comprehensive assistance, guidance and support. You will be part of a smaller local team with wider input and backup.

We currently have about 10 event volunteers around the UK. As the second largest APMP chapter worldwide, we would like to spread the workload, expand our coverage and bring meaningful quality events to our members in all areas.


  • What’s in it for me?  This is an opportunity to learn, network with your peers, contribute to the APMP UK chapter and raise your profile within the profession.
  • What benefit is there in providing the venue?  Increase recognition and awareness of your company or organisation and what it does. Demonstrate that you value professionalism and raise perception of a desirable workplace.
  • What if I want to help but can’t commit?  We welcome and value even sporadic assistance with events!
  • What skills do I need (what do I need) to help organise an event?  There are a number of useful skills required, including writing interesting event descriptions, IT skills, organisational expertise, venue liaison and administration.
  • What if I offer to help and it doesn’t work out for me?  No problem – we will appreciate you having made the effort!


Presentation slides and member reviews from many of our previous meetings and conferences are available here:

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