Professional Level

APMPProfessional FINALThis is the senior level of certification. An APMP-Professional™ has the necessary experience to produce winning bids and proposals and can demonstrate their commitment to furthering the profession and to personal continuous professional development. This level of certification is only open to APMP members who have achieved APMP-Practitioner™ level status.

Assessment Process

There are three parts to the certification at the APMP-Professional™ level:

  1. You must provide the name of a referee to the APMP (such as your line manager, a peer or a commissioning client) who is prepared to provide an independent assessment of your behaviour and attitude. You will be asked to provide a referee name and email address immediately after your registration.
  2. You must provide the APMP with a completed Proposal Profession Impact Paper™ (PPIP)™ providing evidence of how you have furthered your organisation or the profession.
  3. You must participate in a 45-minute Panel Interview (telephone or face-to-face), where you will present and discuss your PPIP™.

APMP-Professional™ Reference Details

As part of the APMP-Professional™ level certification process we require an independent assessment of your behaviour and attitude, particularly in the areas of managing and motivating others to carry out required actions in a proposals environment.

The assessment comprises a detailed evaluation of nine Key Competency Areas (KCA). Individual competencies within these KCAs are described and your referee will be asked to rate you based upon pre-defined statements. The questionnaire should not take your referee more than 30 minutes to complete.




  • The APMP UK Board would like to invite you to submit questions to the Chair, for discussion at our Board Workshops which take place throughout the year.  Please see this link for the dates.  Please email your questions to

    Opportunity to submit questions to the Board

  • The APMP UK Chapter is pleased to welcome Jon Darby as its new Chapter Chair.

    Jon has over 20 years of business winning experience in the ICT, defence, police, rail and logistics markets with a track record of winning multi £m bids in the public and private sectors. Jon is experienced at leading opportunities through all stages of the bid campaign and has led global bid teams from Italy, Germany, Netherlands to the US. Jon is a certified proposal professional and has served on the APMP UK board as Marketing & PR Director and COO since 2012.

    FINAL PRESS RELEASE 18th January 2018 Appointment of new UK Chapter Chair

  • The APMP UK Chapter is pleased to announce the election of Jon Darby as its new Chief Operating Officer for 2017, following which he will succeed Amanda Nuttall as CEO following completion of her term in January 2018. 


    FINAL PRESS RELEASE 5TH OCTOBER 2017: Appointment of new Chief Operating Officer

  • There's just three months to go until our 15th APMP UK Conference in October, and to celebrate, here's our Top 3 reasons why you should attend:


    Three Months to Go until APMP UK Conference 2017

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    Today is the last day of National Apprenticeship Week.  We hope you’ve enjoyed the insights we’ve shared across social media this week from experienced bid and proposal apprentices, and their employer.  If you missed it, you can catch up on what Charlotte, Vicky and Frank had to say. 

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